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Our Services

Digital Branding

Our world is changing fast. Learn the rules of digital marketing to survive and grow. Start your effective digital marketing campaign today.


CGS Infotech has made consistent and long-term contribution to international trade, global customer success, raising industry issues & supporting community projects.


Discover why some of the world’s largest companies trust CGS for their domain, hosting, secure email, cloud computing and back-up needs.

CGS Introduction

Thank you for your interest in CGS Infotech Canada, a company committed to using the latest technology to help businesses like yours succeed. Depend on us for all your branding and reputation management needs, productivity tools and technology solutions. CGS Infotech Canada was incorporated in 2014 and is part of the wider CGS Infotech group of companies serving the information and technology needs of thousands of businesses around the world. We’re proud to be based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia to serve all of Canada.

The purpose of our cutting-edge technology enterprise is to offer results-oriented solutions for business success to small and mid-sized companies across the nation. We do this by offering a range of innovative technological solutions that can meet your specific needs at every stage of your growth. Our company is founded on offering low, competitive prices, fast turnaround times and excellent service.

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To experience our unmatched customer service, all you have to do is contact us. A highly skilled and carefully trained representative will assess your needs and help you make smart service choices to ensure that you get the results you need. Let us help you with reputation management, online public relations, social media management, digital marketing and more.

We’re also here for you when you need graphic design, video commercial production, book publishing, email marketing, virtual phone systems and other related services in Canada, including website design from simple to complex as well as client software, mobile apps and document and photo scanning.

Why not make the smart move to propel your company forward and contact us at CGS Infotech Canada? We’re here for you when you need us with professional services at excellent prices. We’re ready to amaze you with our service when you contact us today. It’s a good decision to work with CGS Infotech Canada.