CGS Infotech Canada was incorporated in 2014 and is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. From our Vancouver office, we service all of Canada. But our company is much larger that just even vast nation. We’re part of the global CGS Infotech family, an information technology and media company founded in 1995 and serving more than 5,000 clients in 40 nations around the world.

Our respected brand is known as a website design company, and we offer many additional services to enhance the reputation and expand the online presence of small and mid-sized businesses. From web design and search engine optimization services to web hosting, software solutions, reputation management and more, we’re here for you with tested and proven solutions.

You can also confidently turn to CGS Infotech Canada for software development, business process outsourcing, Internet marketing and so much more – making us a full service information technology company that our clients trust. Expect amazing, unmatched service when you turn to us. How may we be of service to you today?

Our Vision

At CGS Infotech Canada, we’re committed to expanding your company’s level of success in every way possible, including education, wealth, happiness and accomplishment for everyone on your staff and providing an excellent experience for customers, partners, vendors and stake holders of every kind.

Our Mission

Creating and delivering practical, innovative technological solutions is the mission of everything we do at CGS Infotech Canada. We’re totally committed to helping individuals, businesses of every size and communities achieve long-term success through our unique, affordable online and support services.

Our Offer

We’re committed to a single principle at CGS Infotech Canada: Delivering fresh, interesting and useful technology solutions to businesses for improved productivity, effectiveness and profitability, leading to a level of success beyond imagination. It’s a commitment we achieve again and again for our clients.