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Secure Email Services

Nothing is more important to a responsible company than reliable and effective email service — secure email service that protects your confidential details from prying eyes. Is your email secure and reliable?

If you want to be completely sure about email, consider letting CGS Infotech manage your email accounts for you. We’re a global leader in our industry, serving more than 5,000 clients in 40 countries since 1995.

Your email network is constantly under attack.
You need protection from:
• Virus and spam attacks
• Hardware failures and downtime
• Information loss due to not having adequate backups

And many other problems you may encounter if you don’t pay attention to the quality of your email service.
Plus, you deserve guaranteed and personal support and simple-to-use tools to help you access, redirect and manage your email accounts yourself — without having to ask for help.

We provide the security, reliability, protection and easy access you need.

You know, hackers find new ways of infiltrating email systems every day. But in the last 10 years, all hacking attempts on our CGS-SecureMail systems have been unsuccessful.

And you need email service that’s as reliable as possible so downtime is ZERO and data is never lost. We closely monitor our systems and completely guarantee that you won’t lose any of your emails because of server problems. Can your current provider make that guarantee? Do you know?

Even better, perhaps, is the web-based access we provide for you. You can get to your corporate email securely from any computer. And you can search your old messages using Microsoft’s amazingly powerful and accurate search technology, so finding past communications is easier than ever for you.

So please take action now to improve your email service — before something bad happens.

Are you ready to move up to a higher quality of email service? It’s time to upgrade to CGS-Secure Mail, the solution that’s guaranteed to provide you great email service that’s secure, protected and easy to access.

Whether you need just a couple of email addresses or hundreds, we can help. Let CGS Infotech take over your email service — and put your company is good hands.