Sellmore CRM – Lead Capture Software

Everyone has a website these days — and many of them look pretty good. They have great pictures, a clean and elegant design and even well-written text. But are they really serving their purpose? Is your website serving its purpose?

People may be coming to your site, but is it converting visitors into customers who place orders? Many good sites aren’t serving their purpose very well — and more importantly, yours may not be performing as well as it could.

It often takes repeated contact with potential customers to turn them into people who place orders. That’s where we come in: Our SellMore CRM a Lead Capture Software is specifically designed to convert casual visitors into paying customers.

The SellMoreCRM system uses a five-step process to make that happen.

First, it uses an innovative online form to capture email addresses and phone numbers of visitors.

Second, the software sends an automatic response to your potential customer immediately. That shows them that you care about them right away.

Third, the system stores the information permanently in an online database to be used again and again to try to persuade the visitor to make a purchase.

Fourth, it sends you an email alert letting you know you have a new contact to work with.

Fifth, the system lets you take control over the process, sending regular reminders to your leads — whenever you like.

Marketing experts often say it takes multiple touches to convert a somewhat-interested person into a customer — perhaps as many as 12 touches — and this software captures the information you need to keep reaching out until you make a sale.

And don’t worry that you and your staff may not know how to communicate with customers effectively. Our representatives offer telephone coaching to all SellMoreCRM software subscribers to help you follow-up better than ever before.

We’re already helping thousands of businesses around the world capture and manage tens of thousands of fresh leads. Let us help you fill in the gaps in your lead response program too.

The SellMoreCRM program is free for the first 30 days, then the annual licensing fee is only $149 per year. No other system can offer you so much for such a low price.

Capture an unlimited number of leads. Send an unlimited number of email reminders. Benefit from unlimited technical support and training. Unlock the unlimited potential of your business with the SellMoreCRM system.

Contact us now on + 1-(604)-628-7544 and let us go to work growing your business.

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