SELLVEL – Hotel Booking Software

I want to share with you an extraordinary opportunity to track and convert your website’s visitors into actual bookings. It’s called the SellVEL Reservation Software Booking Engine.

SellVEL is feature-rich Online Hotel Inventory Management Software that links seamlessly to your existing hotel website.

SellVEL is used by America’s top hoteliers and franchisees of foremost hotel brands like Holiday Inn, Choice Hotel, Wyndham Worldwide and hundreds of independent hotel owners.

But why should you use SellVEL?

Let’s take a look at the top 10 advantages of using this system for your hotel bookings.

First, it’s inexpensive. There’s only a small fee for the software integration and licensing.

Second, you can easily manage every aspect of your business intuitively and quickly, including your inventory and daily rates. That means setting different prices for different months, different weekdays and different dates is no problem.

Third, you can easily update each room’s details yourself, even providing photographs of each room if you like.

Fourth, it’s simple to create special discount any time. You can either choose a fixed or percentage discount and our SellVEL system will automatically calculate the price for your customers as they complete their bookings.

Fifth, you can immediately see the total number of bookings completed and cancelled at any time as well as the total sales for any date — including today, the last 30 days or aggregate numbers for the month or year to date.

Sixth, you can see a graphical representation of monthly room-type occupancy for the current year and previous years too.

Seventh, you can quickly block rooms and open rooms based on your needs with no hassles or complications.

Eighth, you can keep up with your booking confirmations by fax, email or in your administrative panel — whatever you prefer.

Ninth, you don’t need to buy any new hardware. That means you can improve your booking procedures and accuracy without changing computer systems.

And finally, the SellVEL software has an attractive look and feel that’s a pleasure to work with, enhancing the work experience for you and your employees.

Are you convinced? If you are, we can fully integrate this system into your existing website in about a week, so let’s get started now.

To get started, we’ll need the number of rooms in your hotel, your initial room rates and room types, then we’ll get everything ready for you.

Soon, you hotel will be functioning more smoothly than ever thanks to the SellVEL system.

SELLVEL – Hotel Booking Software

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